Submission Guidelines

We are always happy to receive screenplays for film and TV. Each script will be read by a team of experienced people who will give their opinions to the Management Team. We are not a script reading service and we don't expect to provide detailed feedback on the results of any readings. If you feel you need feedback use a script reading service such as

We also ask that prior to sending your screenplay you contact us via post or email to our submissions department, giving us an outline of your project and telling us a little about yourself. If we wish to see the full screenplay we will ask you for it, please do not send it until you hear from us.

We are NOT looking for porn. Nor are we impressed by gore fests. We’re not particularly keen on stories involving gratuitous violence or stories or characters that show drug abuse as an acceptable way of life. Use offensive language sensibly. We are not looking for short films or documentaries at this time.

Submit your script typed on one side only, with the title and the page number on each page, and a cover letter telling us a bit about you and a one-page synopsis of the script.

In the event that we ask to read your work you will be informed where and how to send your screenplay.