About Us...

Simple Films is a film, TV and DVD production company with offices on the scenic north shore of Nova Scotia. Our team has more than two decades of experience in film and television production, business management at the highest levels and financial and marketing acumen.

What drives us now is the desire to produce programmes and films with one common factor - heart!

The Company takes its name from the book "Simple Spigott" by Mary Shura, that inspired the first film by company founder Stuart Cresswell.

Despite all our experience in film, television and business, Simple Films is a new journey down a familiar road. Our journey is just about to start, let’s hope we meet each other along the way...



Supporters of rural economies

Simple Films and its owners are advocates of rural economies and intend to build their business in rural Nova Scotia, providing opportunities and benefits to other businesses in the area. Our production of “Broken” which was filmed in Wallace, Nova Scotia, benefited many businesses and individuals outside the film industry, such as caterers, location providers, accommodation providers, restaurants, screening venues, etc.

Add to that the employment of around 20 freelancers for the production itself and you can see the wide-ranging benefits to the economy of even a minor production.

Future Goals

Our initial goals are on the way to being met. We have completed a number of projects, with several more ready for production in 2011. We have a number of major projects in development – all of which are strong enough to obtain public funding and preparation for production.

Simple Films seeks to establish itself as a committed and regular producer of quality films and TV programs. It intends to establish a base in Nova Scotia with a number of permanent employees.

Simple Films intends to carve out a permanent position in the world of TV and film and production. It intends to encourage an already active film industry in Nova Scotia and promote new talent where possible.

Simple Films will increase its presence as part of a rural community generating wealth and prospects for the local economy.